Behind the scenes

Eighteen permanent employees and about one hundred freelance staff work from 3100 m² of warehouse space for the success of your event. Here the creative event ideas are assessed for feasibility, and taking into account the available budget, transferred into technical solutions. During the the planning phase you will recieve 3D visualization and CAD plans which contribute to the success of the event. For us, the focus is clearly on the interests of the customer. With our technical know-how and new ideas we develop individual and creative art concepts.

Since 1998, we have worked closely with national and international clients. Through our interdisciplinary thinking and action we can offer them that little "something extra" in the implementation. We combine our experience of trade fairs and live event area in the unique realization of your event and thereby create new quality standards.



supported warehouse management

12 vehicles

in the vehicle fleet

> 2500 RM

trussing systems